It turns out there will be one more designer added to the Design Star mix…selected by the other 10. Among the options:

Gary Andrews
If the eyes are a window into the soul, then Mr. Andrews is this season’s FON (freak of nature). Sorry, fans of Gary, but this guy’s giving Jen a run for her Crazee title. Design-wise, not bad…but if you have three minutes for your audition video and you use part of it to chat up your “strategy,” all signs point to you being the first to throw someone under the bus.

Alissa Sutton
So…Alissa got her interior design degree from Texas Tech, which means my fellow Design Star watcher and client, Lee (also a Tech grad), will undoubtedly be rooting for her. And it won’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s gorgeous, right Lee? I don’t personally think she’s as fabulous as she thinks she is, and I loathe that whole white everywhere thing…so overdone, cold, and impersonal. I’m getting a bit of a whiff of prima donna, and for some reason I expect her to clash with Jen. If she doesn’t make it on the show, I guess we’ll nevah know.

Torie Halbert
Oh dear gawd, we’ve got us a Texas pageant girl here, y’all. All I can say is, “yee-ikes.” Her work gave me a perma-cringe, to be honest. Faux finishes and themed media rooms and murals out the ying-yang. I’ll be a bit surprised if she makes the cut.

If I were the original 10, I would vote for Antonio to go and Gary and Alissa to make it onto the show…