I’ve long admired the made-over furniture Spruce sells on Etsy. Now, not only have they opened a storefront here in Austin, they’re also offering upholstery classes as well. I’m particularly interested in their “Make Your Statement” and “Make Your Green Statement” classes…both give you the opportunity to makeover an ugly duckling chair provided by Spruce, but the Green class will focus on organic fabrics and stuffing.

The super cool thing about taking classes from these gals (see their online bio for more info) is that they have style. So not only are you getting yourself some skills, you’re learning from people with a lot more taste than your average UT/ACC informal classes instructor. (I don’t mean to disparage all UT/ACC informal classes instructors, but I still haven’t gotten over the horror that was my lame floral design class.)

Drool over some of their work, why don’tcha:

If you’re curious about the store, you can find it at 6607 N. Lamar.