I enjoyed my morning coffee on my back patio this morning, completely blissed out in my newly spray-painted and colorful outdoor furniture. Would you believe that in the nearly five years we’ve lived here, I don’t recall doing that one single time until today? Want to take a wild guess as to what drove me out there and what kept me from doing it before?

It wasn’t “me.”

Our backyard has always been hurting in the personality department. So neglected, it was just “there.” We haven’t prioritized doing anything about it, but the mild weather we’ve had this spring has been so inspiring. I couldn’t resist plunging into a little project, but as you know, I had very little budget to work with, so I decided to paint our existing metal cheapo furniture and add a few pillows and plants.

Of course I forgot to take “before” pictures, but we have the kind of standard-issue backyard furniture with atrocious flower details on it that you’ve seen a hundred times before. I tried to find a pic online of something similar, but evidently it’s so hideous no one’s sharing photos of it anywhere.

It still has stupid floral crap on it, but now it’s in GLORIOUS COLOR:

All told, I spent about $175 on spray paint, planters, plants, pillows and the paint for the back door. Not a bad price to pay for so much happiness!

Pillows and planters from Home Goods. Luchador painting by Parker / High Lonesome Gallery.