To my utter chagrin, Pier 1 shut down its online store a couple of years ago. According to nameless store clerks, it had been cannibalizing sales from their brick & mortar stores.  Then the company went through a phase where they weren’t even featuring many of their products on their website.  LAME.  I’m sure a lot of people are like me…before I spend time running all over creation looking for something, I do a little online research first.  It saves time and gas, and because I’m a designer, this also saves my clients a TON of money.  Due to their dismal website, my tendency to shop at Pier 1 waned.

In the past year or so, the head honchos up in the Dallas corporate office came to their senses and went back to the business of selling a bunch of merchandise by featuring it on their website, albeit without the virtual store component. Now they’ve given us a happy medium between an online store and no online store:  Pier 1 2Go.

Pier 1 2Go allows you to shop online and have your local store hold items for you until you can get to the store.  Which is not exactly as great as a man in a van bringing it to your doorstep, but is still pretty useful. In my case, this service allowed me to get Phoebe the very last Teal Mongolian Wool Pillow within a 50-mile radius of Austin…teal_mongolian_pillow…before some other schmo got it. 50% off–FTW!