Some fun decorative pillows from Etsy sellers:

Pair of 16" square pillow covers by MARIESCOSY, $20.

Pair of 16" square pillow covers by Maries Cosy Cushions, $20.

Cutout Tubes Pillow, $35.

Cutout Tubes pillow by Fennel Studio, $35.

Cute Birdie Embroidered Pillow, $17.

Cute Birdie Embroidered pillow cover by Kainkain, $17.

Vintage Colt Revolver pillow, $35.

Vintage Colt Revolver pillow by The Utilitarian Franchise, $35.

Bisous pillow cover (jaune), $35.

Bisous pillow cover (jaune) by Hazel & Hunter, $35.

Dark City Urban pillow, $25.

Dark City Urban pillow by Nesta Home, $25.

No. 67 pillow, $19.50.

No. 67 pillow by Red Bird Vintage Home, $19.50.

Orbit pillow, $22.

Orbit pillow by Modern Radar, $22.