Popcorn ceilings are the bane of my existence. Removing this texture from your house takes 30 years off the perceived age of your home. I know it’s a messy and annoying process, but I don’t know anyone who has gotten rid of it and not been extremely thankful they did.

Putting your home on the market? You’d better for sure eliminate the popcorn these days. Your listing will sit and sit and you will be offered a lot less for your place if that nasty stuff is still on the ceiling.

Buying a house? Do yourself a favor and factor in the time and expense of having popcorn textures removed before you bring a single stick of furniture in the place. Once you move in, you’ll never get around to it…don’t even think you’re going to subject yourself and/or your family to the dust and debris after you are living in the space. For one thing, it’s disgustingly messy, and for another thing, you could be exposed to asbestos. And then what do you do when you’ve been in the house a few years and decide/need to move? You’re gonna have to take it off so you can unload the house. So do it for yourself and not for someone else to enjoy.

I’m sitting in a house in Dallas right now where half the house has popcorn and half of it doesn’t. There’s no “good” place to have it, but ironically, the areas that still have popcorn ceilings are the bedrooms…the very rooms guaranteed to have you lying down and looking at it.

The thing is, you could have the most beautifully-decorated rooms on the block, but if you have popcorn ceilings, you can’t get away from looking outdated.

Just. Do. It.

P.S. I can’t even fathom this. Lowe’s should be ashamed, even suggesting that their customers apply a product to their home that will bring down the value of their house.