What does it say about me that I barely have anything to say about tonight’s episode of Design Star other than it was friggin’ HI-larious when Trish’s carpenter accidently wacked himself in the face with Pergo flooring planks? He deserved it too, after his response to Trish’s questions when he first arrived:

TRISH: Are you pretty handy?

CARPENTER: I brought a screwdriver.

*Crickets chirping*

Also, what kind of designer and what kind of carpenter puts MDF on a fireplace hearth? First of all, the paint is just going to melt right off the first time they light a match near it. Secondly, I hope Trish’s parents have oodles of fire insurance.

Oh, and didn’t you just want to hug Jenn during her hosting bit? She was positively gushing with love for her sister and it was incredibly adorable to watch. I love that kind of thing…I’m a total sap.

I don’t know who’s going to come out on top after next week’s challenge in New Orleans. Fixing entire houses–yikes! That’s pretty ambitious.