Spray Painting My Patio Furniture: The Verdict

Spray Painting My Patio Furniture: The Verdict

…And the winner is: Rich Plum–COME ON DOWN!

Between an engineering mentor-y thing I’m taking Phoebe to tomorrow, babysitting my BFF’s kiddo tomorrow night and the WEST tour on Sunday, it will be mighty hard to squeeze in a few coats of spray paint on the lawn furniture, but I will be ITCHING to cram it in there.

BTW, I surveyed our Facebook peeps to see what color they would vote for out of the eight or so shades I thought would look good with the house and your votes were all over the map, people! It’s so funny how different everyone’s tastes is, proving once again that there’s never just one right answer. When the fog cleared, I kept coming back to this shade of violet, so I’m off to the store to snatch up a half dozen cans. Wish me luck with my impatience issues.

Also, thanks to Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick for hipping me to a trick her staging pro friend Brian uses for keeping outdoor pillows locked down in our windy city. He pokes floral wire through the fabric on the back of the pillow and twists it behind the chair back. Pretty brilliant, so now I’m salivating over those outdoor pillows I blogged about last month, trying to decide which ones to pull the trigger on.

I am getting happier and happier by the minute and so far I’m still under $100 in expenditures. So much home decor happiness for so little money! The cheapo in me is ecstatic¬†and the designer in me is proud to be doing something at my own house for a change.

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  1. JameyStacy May 29, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Hi can you suggest me what color should i use in painting my old patio furniture? The type of patio furniture that i have is a wooden patio furniture. I want the combination of color cool as long as possible. Color make big impact in determining the design of the furniture.

  2. Robin May 30, 2013 at 7:58 am

    It’s hard to give you specifics on your patio furniture since you’re not a client and I can’t see your place, but you want to pick a color that will look good with your home’s exterior. I happen to live in a colorful neighborhood, but if you don’t, you can still do something colorful that is tasteful, like navy or eggplant.

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