Target’s the place to get some cheap chairapy these days!

I’m drooling over the prints on these staples of modern living:

Polly, in Dove

Polly Upholstered Chair in Dove, $299

In Aegean

Polly Upholstered Chair in Aegean, $299.

Gerber, in Cherry

Gerber Upholstered Chair in Cherry, $299.


Rings Upholstered Chair in Mahogany, $299.

Fret Work, in Lacquer

Fret Work Upholstered Chair in Lacquer, $299.

Bloom Floral, in Lavender Aura

Bloom Floral Upholstered Chair in Lavender Aura, $299.

This is a decent knockoff of Crate & Barrel’s Petrie Chair:

Clybourn Loft Upholstered Chair in Aegean, $429.99.

Clybourn Loft Upholstered Chair in Aegean, $429.99.

The mod/traditional hybrid:


Lauren Accent Chair, $199.99.

Parsons chairs are about as basic as you can get for the dining room, but these prints have some pizazz:


Avington Parsons Chairs n Starburst, $159.99/pair!

Avington Parsons Chairs in Vine, $159.99/pair

Avington Parsons Chairs in Vine, $159.99/pair.

These armless chairs are also very easy on your budget:

In Bubbles

Mitchell Armless Chair in Bubbles, $129.99.

Orvella in Green/Brown

Mitchell Armless Chair in Orvella Green/Brown, $129.99.

All of the above chairs feature free shipping right now, and you can also get 15% off if you spend $125 or more in furniture (online only).