I met with a new client yesterday afternoon–a woman named Travis–to go over her ideas and offer design guidance for her “guest-room-slash-girlie-space.” Travis has plans for a modern daybed set between bookcases or shelving units that would display her shoes, bags, and other wardrobe essentials in a stylish way. The room could serve as a dressing room of sorts, when not in use as a guest room.

Bravo, for coming up with a way to put that square footage to good use 365 days a year!

We picked out potential paint colors for the room and discussed window treatments and bedding options. Travis also showed me her beachy master bedroom and asked about a bed and nightstands she and her husband are considering. When we were all done, we found ourselves back at the kitchen table, where she turned to me and said:

“This was nice–it was like talking to a friend.”

And that is what makes this job SO. FREAKIN’. COOL.

I love getting to know you guys, figuring out what makes you tick so I can help you reflect that in your space. I love getting caught up in your home decor excitement. I love getting to be part of your transformative experiences. That is what makes me tick. But when you add “this was like talking to a friend,” that haunts me in such a great way. 

You are too cool for school, Travis! Thank you!