Yes, I’m behind on the DVR to the tune of:

8 episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice
6 episodes of America’s Next Top Model
3 episodes of The Millionaire Matchmaker
1 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City
1 episode of 30 Rock
…and a stray recording of Juno

Quality TV at its finest!

What didn’t record this week? The Fashion Show. So I finally caught up with a recorded rerun of that tonight. Thoughts:

Love Isaac Mizrahi, but no surprise there. Have always loved his stuff…especially enjoyed Unzipped and the whole Nanook of the North references.

Ambivalent about Kelly Rowland as co-host but am guessing she will grow on me.

Wish they had one fewer London-educated contestant. That petulant girl, Daniella, has got to go.

Interesting that they have another Vivienne Westwood protégé on the show (James-Paul on this show, Christian Siriano from Project Runway).

It’s odd that two contestants were sporting Japanese geta sandals. So random…

Haven looks like some kind of half 80’s mom, half 80’s Madonna.

Loving the “real” fashion show element for every episode, featuring a multitude of industry insiders in a more complete audience (vs. Project Runway‘s 4 attendees).

Opinion based on promos for the show: cheesy ripoff of Project Runway. Opinion based on first episode: ramped up, more competitive version of Project Runway. Building a collection in the first episode? That’s something you didn’t see PR contestants deal with until they’d already weeded out some of the riff-raff.

After being conditioned by similar shows, felt the transition from construction footage to runway sequence was abrupt. I enjoy seeing more of the creative process.

Believe it would be worth the legal fees to change my name if I were Fern Mallis…or at least change the pronunciation of her last name from “malice” to “maleece”. If I were the writers/producers of the show, I’d require the sound effect of diabolical laughter to follow every mention of her name. As in, “seated next to Isaac and Kelly is Fern Mallis–mwa-ha-ha!”

Tim Gunn is the only thing I’m missing from Project Runway.