I was recently working in Dallas for clients who bought a new house before they sold their existing home in Prestonwood. They hired me to stage the old place and make selections for remodeling projects in the new home. It was quite a week! While visiting a friend in the area I mentioned the circumstances and my friend said, “well, good luck selling their house in this market. Every other person I know has either been laid off or has a spouse who’s been laid off. So I hope they’re able to unload their old house and not choke on two mortgages.”

My friend should’ve known better after I helped her stage her own home a year ago. She sold lickety-split and set a new neighborhood record for price. Of course I worried about my Prestonwood clients, but I also had a lot of confidence in the power of home staging. I just knuckled down, did the work, and hoped for the best.

Imagine how victorious I felt when I received this email today:

Thought you’d want to know that we have an offer! It came in 48 (yes, forty-eight) hours after the property hit MLS. The comments are 98% positive (one couple thought the house was too dark). Looks like we will make a good bit above what we originally planned to price the house. The Room Fu guru does it again!

Woo-hoo! I could not be happier or feel more relieved for my clients.

It just goes to show you, home staging is vital these days, especially if you want to unload your property pronto.