Have seen a lot of new merch in the stores and in catalogs this week. Here’s a little rundown on the things that made me go, hmmmm:

Love these little real-wood tables, both around $90 ea.

Every year Target has this influx of super-cool accessories that they display in their seasonal area…you know, the part of the store devoted to Christmas, Halloween, and outdoor furniture in the summer. This is where I found these tables. As I learned last year, these goodies are in and out in a relatively short period of time, so if you find something down these aisles that appeals to you, take my advice and snatch it up. I’ll bet it won’t be here more than a month.

You already know I heart the PB Teen catalog. What’s not to like about polka dots on everything? But here’s what I’m digging out of the most recent catalog:

Stitching on the shade and an ultra-cool base

This is what I wish I could talk my kiddo into.


So clean, so chic. Almost compelling enough to override my no-glass-tabletop rule.

This would also make a cool side table…

On sale for $100 off!