Hell is a cold, cold place since Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to my BFF Karen, my client/friend Dana, and never-met-before-but-follows-my-blog Josef in Dallas, I have embraced Twitter.  This is a line I swore I would never cross and actually thought the Twitter ship would’ve passed already, allowing me to bypass Twitter altogether and go straight to the Post-Twitter Twitter.

But no.  I signed up for an account solely to follow that guy Justin and the colorful things his dad says (those who do not delight in the cursing and nuggets of wisdom of a 73-year old curmudgeon as I do should avert your eyes) and lo, and behold, I received an alert shortly after that Josef in Dallas was now following me.

What else was there to do, but sing like a canary?

So follow me and get the latest and greatest details and coming attractions to this blog.  Why…there are already a few bits of insider info already posted that you won’t find anywhere else!  Mwa-ha-ha!