Speaking of Williams-Sonoma, I’ve been lax in linking to the posts I’ve written for their Designer Marketplace blog for design pros, so let me catch you up!

– Some designers do initial consultations for free, like it’s some sort of pitch meeting. Read why that can be a dangerous practice.

– If you’re slogging it out in a lackluster job and want to change careers, here’s how I set up shop as an interior designer.

– As a multi-talented designer, you may be tempted to do everything yourself, but are you spreading yourself too thin? Here’s how I do more by actually doing less.

– Looking to streamline operations?  Here are some apps that help me run my business more efficiently.

– Burnout is common in any industry.  This what I try to do to prevent designer burnout.

If you’re new to this blog, you might want to read the other articles I’ve written for the trade: Giving Back to Yourself; 10 Shocking Discoveries I Made After Becoming an Interior Designer; How, When, and Why to Fire a Client; 10 Tips for Developing Your Business Blog’s Personality; and How to Balance a Client’s Needs and Your Creativity.

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