Found some nice vintage pieces on Craigslist today, in case you’re in the market and haven’t trolled through the listings yourself. As always with Craigslist…act quickly, and good luck!

This first piece is my favorite of the day, and would soon be located in my own living room if we didn’t have such a honkin’ big TV now. If you’re handy and expecting, you could also convert this cabinet to a stylish baby changing station.

Would love to have this piece too, if they had a matching pair:

I love the lines and legs of this couch. At this price you could afford to recover it if the upholstery doesn’t suit your decor. You’d end up paying the same as a new couch but you’d have something much cooler than the standard fare.

I thought the backs of these chairs were interesting, and it’d be easy to recover the cushions to modernize them:

Happy shopping!