Looks like home and lifestyle retailers are starting to expand into “mini-cities”–real estate developments that are sort of self-contained destinations. Urban Outfitters has announced such a plan for Devon, Pennsylvania, termed The Devon Yard. It turns out IKEA started their effort–Strand East–over a year ago in London and has plans for another one in Hamburg, Germany. Both will include lodging–a boutique hotel for The Devon Yard and rental homes for Strand East’s car-free ‘hood.

Who knew?

It’s not such a far-out concept. There’s a frustrated hotelier in most of us home decor people. As a travel junkie and a designer, I am happiest when those two worlds collide into one project, like the HomeAway houses I’ve furnished for clients–or the 8-unit VRBO flats in Moab, Utah I’ve just started consulting on. Crazy excited about that one!

I say, bring it on!

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Via Huffington Post