Oh. Em. Gee. You are gonna D-I-E when you see this video we shot earlier this summer!

This is the brainchild of Nicole Kinbarovsky of Eastside Creative. Nicole and I used to work together back in my graphic design days, and when she told me she was moving into film, I knew I had just the project for her to sink her teeth into. I’d always wanted to make a video for Room Fu–something that would convey the spunk and irreverence we pride ourselves on here. Thanks to Nicole and hubby Jesse Kinbarovsky, that dream is now a reality!

(Click to play)

It was amazing working with these two. Nicole really got our brand from day one and came up with such a brilliant concept. Jesse helped us MacGuyver all of the special effects so we could do some design ninja stuff on our shoestring budget. I unpacked the gi from my tae kwon do days (I once broke a board with a wicked roundhouse kick, yo!) and we got down to business. My generous client, Kathryn Gragg, allowed us to take over the top floor of her house for a long Saturday so we could shoot this thing, and my sweet Jeb lent a hand to help us spin pillows…and spin me!

So now that you’ve gotten onboard with our quirky nature, how can Room Fu help you master these five elements of design?

1. Textiles. We can give you shopping advice or help you select things like rugs, curtains and upholstery fabric. 

2. Organization, a.k.a. spaceplanning. Room Fu designers answer questions like, how big a sofa should you buy? What size rug will work best in your space? Where and how do you add ambient lighting? What about accent and occasional tables? What’s the best furniture arrangement for your room?

3. Textures. What’s the best way to combine different textures in your space and how does that come into play during the decorating process? We can help you figure that out!

4. Color. What color do you paint your walls, and how do you incorporate color trends without looking dated in two years? We bring paint swatches to every consultation and can help you determine your paint palette on the spot! We can even help you decide what color your sofa or rug should be. 

5. Accessories. Where do you hang your favorite art, and what pillows will enhance your decor? Not only can Room Fu help you select these things, but we can style your space as well.

If home decor is your problem area, call or text Room Fu at (512) 797-5821. If you need film or video, contact the folks at Eastside Creative at (512) 922-3852.

Let’s all be badass!