My small Texas hometown (Lake Jackson–woot!) appeared on this week in an article about its wacky street names. All of the streets that originate downtown are “Way” streets, including This Way, That Way, and Any Way.

Photo courtesy of Lake Jackson Historical, via

Photo courtesy of Lake Jackson Historical, via

I actually grew up in a house on That Way, which made placing pre-Internet catalog orders interesting.

OPERATOR: Shipping address?

ME: 404 That Way.

OPERATOR: That Way?  As in, go that way?

ME: Yeah, that’s right.

OPERATOR: (Lengthy pause.) Are you for real?

ME: I know, it’s weird.  But we’re in the Guiness Book of World Records!

According to MSNBC, it was Dow Chemical scion Alden B. Dow who came up with the idea to include these street names (among the other dozen or so “Way” streets) in Lake Jackson’s city plan.  Among Alden’s other bright ideas?  MSNBC calls him “a visionary who once dreamed of insulating homes with hair.”  Which gives me an idea.  I think my hometown should add another “Way” street to the mix, in honor of Alden B. Dow.

They should name it High Way.