Jonathan Adler’s at it again, and before you go hatin’ his latest work, let’s just get one thing straight.

It’s a dollhouse, man.

Okay, now that you’ve been suitably prepped, checkitout:

We all know I heart Mr. “Happy Chic” himself, so maybe I’m biased. But while I wouldn’t want to live in this environment 24/7, it is appropriately over-the-top considering it was created for a fictional character who’s long overdue for a life-sized Dream House. If you take a look at the details, it’ll both shock you and crack you the H up. For instance:

The pillow on her bed champions peroxide.

There are a bazillion pair of the same hot pink stilettos on display in her elaborate shoe closet…as well as a treasure trove of Good ‘N Plenty.

That retro starburst over her fireplace? Made out of Barbie dolls.

Worst/best thing in the house? The Barbie Hair Chandelier. I have no words.

Also, you can’t miss the shopping list on the purple fridge. Lorna Doons! What a fabulous touch.

See more photos here.

All photos Tom Andrews/LAist.