Gawd help you all–Room Fu’s Design Guru now has a daily/weekly platform from which to spew all the stuff that up till now just swirled in her brain matter.

What are you going to see here in the future? I occasionally come across things that appeal to me on a deep level…I want them for myself but for whatever reason cannot buy them (wrong color for my pad, no real need for the object/product, etc.), so I end up standing in front of said item/product mentally running down my client list to figure out who I can recommend this thing to. Because when it comes to this kind of find, if I can’t have it, I want someone I know to have it. If I run through my client list and can’t think of the right home for the incredible something or other, I’ll post it here.

If I see that a lot of clients are asking the same questions during consultations, I’ll post those questions and answers here. For instance, now that we’ve been blessed with the great Swedish Superstore that is IKEA, you’ll soon see a review of their cabinetry offerings here.

This will also be a great forum for getting the word out about outstanding contractors and service providers. In particular, there’s a painter I recommend to my clients and consistently receive rave emails from these clients after the work is done. It really says a lot when people take the time to sit down and write an email to gush over a business or contractor, and I’ve gotten 3 such emails in the past month about this guy. Wouldn’t you like to know who he is? (He’s not my husband…Jeb returned to technical writing last fall.) You’ll have to check back here for that valuable bit of info (or ask me during a consultation)!

I’m eager to chat about other design-related topics too, like Project Runway (I would’ve much rather seen Chris March’s hairy goth girls than the matronly stuff Rami turned out at the end of Season 4), movies (who woulda thought Transformers was going to be so beautifully lit?), or my new Honda Fit (if I weren’t already married, I would marry my Fit–I love it that much).

I can hardly wait to get crackin’ on this…hope you enjoy it!