Looking around for something interesting to post this morning, I headed to the “sale” link at CB2 to see if they had marked down anything worth noting. This is what followed…

Origami Bunny Ornament, $0.95 on sale (reg. $3.95).

Oh, cute–an origami bunny! That would be so perfect for Phoebe. She loves bunnies and she loves origami…for less than a buck, I should go ahead and get it for next Christmas.

Add to cart.

Barista Ornament, $0.95 on sale (reg. $3.95).

Wow, I’ve never been a barista before, but she kinda looks like me! What’s another buck…

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Wire G-Nome, $39.95 on sale (reg. $89.95).

A nearly 4-foot high gnome that holds plants? On sale for $50 off?

For the love of gawd, add to mother-effin’ cart.