Since I started Room Fu nearly six years ago, I’ve always called myself the Design Guru. Mostly for reasons I’ve written about here, but also because until May 12th of this year, the state of Texas prevented me from using the term “interior designer” to officially describe myself.

Old school interior designers have always thrown temper tantrums over this issue because they’ve enjoyed being able to use that title to monopolize the market and charge you fees out the wazoo. Prior to May 12th, I was technically supposed to call myself an interior decorator because I wasn’t registered.

Well, peeshaw. If I select furnishings and paint colors like an interior designer and I give people great remodeling ideas like an interior designer, am I not an interior designer? And seriously, am I alone here or can you even conjure up a mental picture of a “decorator” and not think of some old bitty?

Because when I think of an interior decorator, I think of this:

…and not this:

So although I’m not planning to change my title anytime soon–I much prefer being the Design Guru anyway–it’s nice to know I’m not Breakin’ the Law, Breakin’ the Law if I decide to trot out my new moniker.