Geez Louise. Staying put in one house forever and ever is definitely underrated.

I’m still trying to pack up over there, unpack over here, and neither place is far enough along on those fronts to feel anything but depressing. A few mattresses thrown on the floor would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

But of course if that were enough to make anyone happy, we would all just cram ourselves into barracks and I’d be out of a job. *Heavy sigh.*

This is just the exhaustion talking. Underneath the extreme fatigue is pure excitement. Blank slate and all that. It’s such a step up from where we were before in so many ways and we’re also enjoying one unexpected perk of new construction tree obliteration: sunsets. (We’ve dubbed the backyard “Montana,” as in Big Sky Country.)

I’ll still be taking a bit of a break this week from posting, since I’m trying desperately to gain some semblance of normality. Like finding out which box has Phoebe’s shoes sometime before winter hits so she doesn’t have to wear her flowered sandals in the cold. And wish me luck that Larry, our orange kitty, does not require a house call and intravenous fluid after barricading himself under the bed in the new house for 48 hours.

In two weeks I’ll forget all about this, like childbirth, right?