House of FU(n)

Feng Shui’ing My Office

While we're on the subject of transformation, if you have an interest in improving various facets of your life via feng shui, I highly recommend Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Karen Rauch Carter. I've mentioned this book before, [...]

My Friend Craig

Overheard at the Callan dinner table recently, after I mentioned a picture I saw of my stepsister's baby girl: PHOEBE: What's her name? ME: Alexi. PHOEBE: Oh, that's so cute!  What's her daddy's name? ME: Craig. PHOEBE: Oh, like your [...]

My New Stylist

Phoebe has a problem with the way I accessorize our home.  I'll arrange something and the next day she's moved things around to suit her particular aesthetic.  Once I see she's pulled a switcheroo, I move things back the way [...]