BEFORE: Outdated galley kitchen featuring travertine backsplash and granite countertops. BEFORE: This outdated Austin kitchen featured a travertine backsplash and granite countertops popular in the '90s.

This outdated galley kitchen in Northwest Austin featured a travertine backsplash and dark granite countertops. A built-in pantry limited the available counter space surrounding the range and made the kitchen feel closed in.

BEFORE: A breakfast table awkwardly impeding traffic flow to backyard.

On the other end of the kitchen sat an awkwardly placed breakfast table, blocking traffic from four directions, and beside it, a countertop so far removed from the rest of the kitchen that it couldn’t serve any vital purpose.


Galley kitchen remodel designed by Room Fu (Austin), featuring colorful backsplash and white cabinetry.

We would normally start by telling you all about the changes we made in this kitchen remodel that exponentially increased functionality, but we’ll give you a minute first to take in this brilliant backsplash! Apologies for the glaring sun, but where once there was a cramped area around the range, there’s what feels like miles of countertop in comparison. Taking out the pantry closet here made a world of difference. The kitchen feels more open, more inviting, and more connected to the adjacent family room.

Modern kitchen update in brilliant hues of aqua, turquoise, citron green, and golden yellow. Designed by Room Fu.

In place of the old range, we now have a separate cooktop and oven, which feels much more modern and updated. The micro-hood is nixed in favor of an under-counter model, for an elevated look. This luscious backsplash in colorful bands of aqua, turquoise, citron green, and golden yellow takes center stage, flanked by custom white shaker cabinetry.

Enlarged window at sink in Austin, TX colorful kitchen remodel designed by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors.

On the sink side of the kitchen, the clients enlarged the window for an expanded view of the backyard, allowing more natural light into the space.

Colorful Austin kitchen remodel, featuring a striped backsplash in aqua, teal, citron, and yellow. Designed by Room Fu.

Floating French oak shelves in colorful kitchen remodel in Austin, designed by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors.

They opted to remove some upper cabinetry and use floating French oak shelves instead, to maintain an airy feeling.

Colorful Austin kitchen remodel designed by Room Fu, featuring floating shelves and a striped backsplash.

Austin kitchen remodel featuring stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry and colorful backsplash, designed by Room Fu.

Built-in white shaker pantry cabinet and white quartz breakfast bar, designed by Room Fu, an interior design firm in Austin, TX.

A built-in cabinet houses the new pantry space.

Custom built-in breakfast bar with quartz countertop, designed by Room Fu in Austin.

Room Fu designed a new breakfast table with a minimal steel base, powder-coated in white and topped with a quartz countertop to match the rest of the kitchen. This piece was custom made to fit the precise width of the wall to the right of the new pantry. Now traffic can move freely from the family room to the backyard, and from the kitchen to the laundry room.

The counter height of the new table means this spot can be used as overflow prep and serving space when entertaining. Contemporary counter-height stools in white faux leather make sure the backsplash gets to stay the star of the show.

Close-up detail of white marble quartz countertop, contemporary white faux leather counter stools. Designed by Room Fu in Austin, TX.

The quartz countertop is mostly white, with very subtle gray veining.

Colorful galley kitchen remodel in Austin, TX, designed by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors.

The new color scheme coordinates well with the peacock blue dining room adjacent to the kitchen.

Colorful kitchen remodel in Austin, TX, designed by Room Fu, with view of dining room beyond.

Chrome faucet fixtures and a modern stainless sink with colorful backsplash in Room Fu designed kitchen remodel.

A new stainless steel sink features a lip near the top edge, where accessories like cutting boards and colanders sit.

Sink detail in colorful kitchen remodel in Austin TX designed by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors.

Chrome plumbing fixtures, including a faucet with detachable sprayer, disposal button, and a built-in soap dispenser, keep things tidy at the sink and coordinate with chrome cabinet hardware.

Kitchen remodel featuring colorful striped tile backsplash, white shaker cabinets and chrome hardware, designed by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors.

Sleek, chrome cabinet knobs and pulls are a modern finishing touch.

Modern chrome knobs on white shaker cabinetry, selected by Room Fu - Knockout Interiors for Austin kitchen remodel.

Fruit bowl in front of colorful backsplash designed by Austin interior design firm, Room Fu.

We covet this backsplash! It feels so clean and fresh.

Close-up detail of colorful backsplash and floating shelves in Austin kitchen remodel designed by Room Fu.

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