Holy cow, did Target throw me for a loop yesterday. I went in for toothpaste and came out with a whole cartload of amazing stuff. Stuff I don’t need, for the most part, but stuff I couldn’t resist with even a single fiber of my being. I’ve been admiring the Threshold branded merch for a while and good gawd is it fantastic. Between Threshold and Nate Berkus’ extensive new line, Target is WORKING IT like nobody’s business. They’ve totally dropped the ball on pillows the past year for some reason, and that particular aisle hasn’t seen any improvement yet, but man are they turning out some amazing pieces for the home. Here’s what caught my eye:

Bright yellow geometric mid-century Jonathan Adler ish vase at Target.

Amazing Jonathan Adler-esque vase in punchy yellow. On sale right now for $24.99 (reg. $30).


Minimal and modern lamp bases in navy and gold glass by Threshold, available at Target.

Modern glass lamp bases in navy and golden yellow, by Threshold. $44.99 (Priced higher online.)


Adorable, modern blue nightstand. Around $70, if memory serves.


Cute grellow side table for cheap.


Modern teal ceramic accessories at Target.

Modern teal ceramics–beautiful color! $6.99 and up.


Sea glass turquoise blue vases from Target.

Another gorgeous color–softer turquoise this time. Pretty with the natural wood branches.


Citron yellow and white striped lamp shade at Target.

Such a cute citron yellow striped lamp shade! $19.99.


Gray, yellow and orange serving bowl by Threshold at Target.

Love this orange, yellow and gray serving bowls by Threshold. Very CB2! $14.39.

A modern, bright yellow lamp base from Target.

Another bright yellow, modern table lamp base. $39.99.

Paris, Rome, NYC and Miami mugs at Target

Paris, Rome, NYC and Miami mugs featuring adorable, retro-inspired illustrations. I’m down! $4.99 each.


Supercute and colorful woven boho chic bench from Threshold. $99.99. Much cuter in person than online!


Closeup detail of Threshold's woven multicolored bench at Target

Close-up detail of the bench top.


Yellow and emerald green decorative chain objets by Nate Berkus at Target.

Yellow and emerald green chains as decorative objects? Okay! By Nate Berkus. $12.99 each.


Yellow and blue ikat file folders by Nate Berkus, at Target.

Pretty ikat office supplies by Nate Berkus.


A gold striped dry erase board by Nate Berkus at Target.

A dry-erase board that looks like this? How is this possible? By Nate Berkus, $12.99


Pretty blankets by Threshold in white, aqua blue, yellow and gray, at Target.

Cute organic blankets by Threshold. $39.99-$49.99.


Cross themed modern curtains in gray, brown or cream, by Nate Berkus at Target.

Inca print curtains by Nate Berkus in gray, brown or cream–nice and masculine. $15.20-$23.99.


Nate Berkus curtain panels in gray, white and brown with stitched detail, at Target.

More curtains by Nate, $19.99-$23.99.


A modern gray glass table lamp base and trellis printed lamp shade at Target.

Modern gray glass lamp base ($44.99) and a trellis printed shade ($14.99), sold separately.


A decorative, black side table by Threshold at Target.

Snatch up this mod little black side table by Threshold for $54.99.


Metallic silver side table stool by Threshold for Target.

Threshold’s giving West Elm a run for its money with this silver side table. $89.99.


Transitional white turned wood floor lamp by Threshold at Target.

You’ve seen this style of floor lamp before, but not at this price. $69.99.


Mod floral white metal cutout art at Target

I can imagine this white metal cutout being used as a ceiling medallion with a mod pendant hanging from it! $49.99.


A nice, mod white picture frame at Target.

I always love a chunky mod frame. $12.99.


Modern white disks used to create art installation. By Umbra, at Target.

Mod art installation for cheap! $19.99, I think.


A monochromatic white pillow and a snakeskin lumbar pillow by Nate Berkus at Target.

The only two pillows in the whole store worth purchasing. By Nate Berkus, $24.99 each.


A modern take on the sea urchin. Decorative accessories in white and gold by Nate Berkus, at Target.

Irresistable modern sea urchin objets by Nate Berkus in gold or white. $9.99 each. (Decorative boxes beside them are $24.99.)


Wooden vases from Target

Interesting wood vases.

Got so distracted by:

Flamingo hot pink standing mixer by KitchenAid, at Target.

PINK! $299.99.


Colorful towels in every shade of the rainbow, at Target.



Orange and purple girl's dress at Target.

Want in my size.


More girl's dresses at Target.

More cuteness.

Get it while it’s hot!