New York State of Mind

September 11 weighs heavy on all Americans. I imagine no one writes that date on a check (if you still write checks) or schedules a meeting on that date in their calendar without certain images and feelings coming to mind. [...]

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Fab Finds: Target’s Latest Home Decor Goodies

Holy cow, did Target throw me for a loop yesterday. I went in for toothpaste and came out with a whole cartload of amazing stuff. Stuff I don't need, for the most part, but stuff I couldn't resist with even [...]

Craigslist Tour: Furniture, Lighting, Decor

Now that it's been pounded into my head that there are readers outside my fair city of Austin (and beyond the Lone Star State, for that matter), I thought I'd take a wander around random cities' Craigslist offerings. The rule [...]