It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been fortunate to interview or speak with virtually every celebrity interior designer I admire and that it might be nice to collect all of those articles together in one place. This is my ultimate Flash Back Friday. Scroll through to find your faves of the design world and walk down memory lane with me…it hasn’t always been pretty, but it’s definitely been interesting.

Alex Sanchez  (HGTV’s Design Star, Season 5) August 2, 2010

Too many cooks in the kitchen. (Literally.) The Blue Team, from left: Alex, Casey, Michael.

Amy Sklar (HGTV’s Design Star)


Antonio Ballatore (HGTV’s Design Star, The Antonio Treatment)


Candice Olson (HGTV’s Divine Design, Candice Tells All, Design Star) July 16, 2009


Casey Noble (HGTV’s Design on a Dime, Design Star) August 17, 2010



Chris & Peyton Lambton (HGTV’s Going Yard) December 2012

Chris & Peyton Lambton

Courtland Bascon (HGTV’s Design Star) August 10, 2010


Dan Faires (HGTV’s Design Star, Dan Made) July 12, 2010


Danny Seo (Simply Green with Danny Seo) December 10, 2013


Dan Vickery (HGTV’s Design Star, Kid-Sized Design)


David Bromstad (HGTV’s Design Star) June 11, 2012


Duncan Hughes (Duncan Hughes Interiors, Boston) May 2014

Eddie Ross (Bravo’s Top Design) September 22, 2009

Emily Henderson (HGTV’s Design Star)


Genevieve Gorder (HGTV’s Genevieve’s Renovation, Dear Genevieve, Design Star; TLC’s Trading Spaces, Town Haul) July 19, 2009


Jany Lee (HGTV’s Design Star)


Jason Champion (HGTV’s Design Star, Showhouse Showdown)

Jason Champion

Jeanine Hays (AfroChic)

jeanine hays afro chic

Jeff Andrews, Designer to the stars, December 11, 2012

LA interior designer Jeff Andrews

Jeffrey Alan Marks (Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators) December 2012

Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jen Guerin (HGTV’s Design Star)


Jennifer Bertrand (HGTV’s Design Star) December 2012

Jennifer Bertrand

John & Sherry Petersik (Young House Love blog & books) August 8, 2013

john sherry petersik young house love small

Jonathan Adler November 29, 2012

Room Fu designers Claire Patrick and Robin Callan pose for a photo with Jonathan Adler at his store in Austin, TX


Jordan Cappella (HGTV’s Design Star) May 2014

jordan capella kittenkay sera pink vacuum

Julie Khuu (HGTV’s Design Star) June 14, 2010

Julie Khuu's ill-fated faux finish. © 2010, HGTV

Kevin Grace (The Steve Harvey Show, HGTV’s Design Star) August 15, 2012


Kim Myles (OWN’s Home Made Simple, HGTV’s Design Star, Myles of Style)

Kim’s sophisticated design for a family’s bonus room, as seen on HGTV’d. Photo © 2011 HGTV.

Krista Watterworth (HGTV’s Splurge and SaveSave My Bath, Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, DIY’s The Vanilla Ice Project) July 2013

krista watterworth hgtv diy network thumb

Linda Merrill (Surroundings and The Skirted Roundtable blogs) December 2012

Linda Merrill

Lonni Paul (HGTV’s Design Star)

Celebrity moms and PetitNest co-founders Tiffani Thiessen and Lonni Paul.

Mary McDonald (Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorator) December 2012


Matt Locke (HGTV’s Design Star, Designers Showdown) April 4, 2012


NataLee Callahan (HGTV’s Design Star) July 20, 2009


Nathan Galui (HGTV’s Design Star) August 17, 2009

Nina Ferrer (HGTV’s Design Star) July 19, 2010

Ryan White (Ford Model turned designer to the stars) January 7, 2014

Sandra Espinet (HGTV’s Celebrity Holiday Homes) December 2012

Sarah Richardson (HGTV’s Room ServiceDesign Inc.Sarah’s HouseSarah’s CottageSarah 101 and Sarah Sees Potential) May 31, 2013

Stacey Cohen (HGTV’s Design Star) July 28, 2010

Taniya Nayak (HGTV’s Designed to Sell, Showdown, House Hunters on Vacation, Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible) March 7, 2013

Tashica Morgan (HGTV’s Design Star) August 12, 2009

Tera Hampton (HGTV’s Design Star) June 22, 2010

Tom Vecchione (HGTV’s Design Star) July 26, 2010

Torie Halbert (HGTV’s Design Star) September 1, 2009

Trent Hultgren (HGTV’s Design Star)

Vanessa De Vargas (Turquoise Interior Design, LA) May 2014

Vern Yip (HGTV’s Design Star) July 15, 2009

Will Smith (HGTV’s Design Star) August 8, 2012