Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Jeb doesn’t use a drop cloth and I use two. Which one of us do you think added a drip pattern to the carpet while we were painting Phoebe’s room recently?

Yeah. Me.

Jeb could balance on a square of toilet paper and not get anything anywhere, but give me six drop cloths and I will manage to get paint somewhere on the floor. Sheesh.

What to do? Is there some kind of super solution you can spray on paint to get it out? Can you eliminate it if you get to it quickly enough, before it dries? Well, if you have some kind of epic spill or have flat or berber carpet, I’m sure your BFF Pinterest has a boatload of household tricks for getting it out, or you might have to strip some out of a closet to replace the area you’ve effed up. But if we’re just talking about drips and spots on cut pile, frieze or shag carpet, the best thing you can do is LEAVE IT ALONE. Try not to walk on it or mash it in further. Let it sit there on the top of your carpet fibers and dry. A day or two later, come back in with some sharp scissors and cut the paint out, leaving the yarns as long as possible. You won’t be able to see a difference in pile height where you cut–at least I can’t.

Like it never even happened.