Our house was born with pretty standard-looking cheapo bathrooms.


The ’80s vanity light fixture, builder beige paint on the walls, Motel 6 laminate countertop, bargain basement cabinets, giant square mirror. It’s enough to make a design guru weep.

Well, we’re stuck with the icky counters because we’re tight on budget and don’t want to overimprove…our neighborhood’s cute and all, but it’s never going to be rife with luxe anything. Plus, the whole idea of chucking brand-new materials into the landfill is just painful. So we glammed the immediate vacinity for very little money.


We installed an irridescent tile backsplash all the way up to the ceiling, hung a $30 Ikea mirror, replaced the light fixture with a super sale item from West Elm, and painted the walls a pale aqua color. Threw in some cheap white lacquer shelves from Ikea to store Phoebe’s fuscia towels on, and we’re almost done with her princess-y bathroom. The last item on our list is to paint the vanity cabinet white and add hardware.

So far we’ve only spent $250 in materials. Not bad, eh?