I would love to write some amazing piece of home decor blog greatness, but my mind is a gaping maw of breezy, breezy air today. I went without my usual coffee this morning because my Paleo-mentor-slash-sister-in-law and I are going to check out Picnik today and I’m holding out to try their butter coffee. Yeah, you heard me right. Butter. In the coffee. Too weird not to try it, right? So I give you three things that caught my attention on the Internets:

Chuck Norris is selling his Dallas home, which became famous on his stupid TV show, and get this–it features a “sparkling pool.” If it was just any pool, I’d be like, meh. But a sparkling pool? Well now. That’s a different story.

Via Forbes

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (For Design Buffs), in which I drool over this:

Via Untapped Cities.

Oh em gee, do I heart this article. 8 Good Reasons Why You Should Paint Everything Lime Green. Yes, and yes.

Via Huffington Post

If you’ve seen something else noteworthy, please do share!