This sofa and ottoman from Macy’s have been extremely popular with Room Fu clients over the past year, and I just placed my own order for the pair this past weekend.

While I was at Macy’s, I was reminded of how amazing their furniture protection program is. For $150 for the two pieces, they will cover the most mind-blowing range of accidental stains you can imagine–for seven long years. The list of covered occurrences includes pet/human bodily fluids (gross) and food/beverage stains, and if they can’t get the stain out after a professional cleaning, they’ll replace the piece. What’s more…if you don’t file a claim during those seven years of coverage, Macy’s will give you store credit for the amount of the protection plan! I told you it was mind-blowing.

As I gaze upon our existing sofa and see the Smurf-blue yogurt stain (Phoebe) and the monster-sized soda stain (moi), I’m thinking this is $150 well spent.