I’ve been eyeing these vintage Barbie prints at ZGallerie for a while now, as potential art for my Cinderella-Sleeping-Beauty-Ariel-Jasmine-obsessed four-year old.

I figured it was a way for her to be surrounded by princesses (anyone in a pretty dress looks like a princess to a four-year old) without a great many design sacrifices on my part. However, every time I pulled them up online, I couldn’t quite make myself pull the trigger. The first one seemed a bit too formal-looking…and you already know, we’re cotton people. The second one is a bit mature.

Besides, I need at least four prints and I’m not about to put this on the wall in my baby’s room:

What kind of slutty Barbie is that, anyway…a French maid’s costume with fishnet hose? *grumble, grumble* She may have completely warped my sense of body image as a kid but I certainly hate to see Barbie trussed up like she’s on her way to a Tarts & Vicars party.

It finally dawned on me to do a search on Etsy for some fashion illustrations, and voila:

The great thing about print-on-demand art from Etsy sellers is that you can convo with the seller about doing custom sizes. If you’re interested in these specific illustrations, get them here. The artist is printing 8×10’s for me as we speak…I can’t wait to put them up.