Mesh Studio

Update: HGTV Design Star Finalist Nathan Galui

HGTV Design Star season four finalist Nathan Galui is launching his new endeavor, Mesh Studio, tomorrow with a grand opening party in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Located in the heart of downtown, the gallery-slash-retail space will showcase emerging artists from [...]

Preview: Furniture by Nathan Galui!

I know what you're thinking. FINALLY, she's writing about Design Star contestant Nathan Galui's upcoming furniture line and not just bragging about how she and Nate are "like this" or teasing you about showing you. Occasionally, I do put my [...]

HGTV's Design Star: Interview with Nathan Galui

I had a chance to speak with Nathan Galui, who was eliminated from HGTV's Design Star last night. I was pretty shocked that he was sent packing. I actually thought they were going to give Jason the boot. [...]