This combination home office and guest bedroom in Austin’s Amli on 2nd building began with a blank slate: unchangeable white walls and concrete floors.



The client’s Mexican heritage and his career in the resort industry inspire this colorful multi-use space. Thankfully, he’s asked for bold color and we give it to him in spades. The interlocking squares in the headboard are a graphic backdrop for citrus shades and their complimentary colors of red and blue. A large painting reminds guests, “It costs little to dream & everything not to.”



The other side of the room is where the real work gets done. A lacquered orange parson’s desk is a great place to do serious work without taking yourself too seriously. The stylishly simple curved-back chair is functional sculpture.


A kitschy luchador mouse pad is an element of pure fun!


An oversized mirror leaning against a wall in the adjoining hallway gives us a glimpse of the rest of the apartment. The collection of architectural photographs in inexpensive frames are hung in a dramatic arrangement.


We can’t resist offering this little luchador a place to hang out in the guest bathroom.


Designer Trick

Wondering how we manage to stash the computer cords and cables around the desk area?  No, it’s not Photoshop trickery…we simply insert a plain white painter’s canvas behind the desk and let the wires and cords fall where they may behind the screen.

Now you see it:


Now you don’t!


Even if your walls are painted a color, you can employ this bit of decorator magic at home if you have a similar setup. Simply purchase a thick painter’s canvas the width of your desk (and no taller than 26”), then paint the canvas with remaining wall paint. Slide it between the cords and your desk’s back legs…voila!

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