Room Fu staged this supermodern kitchen for the 2011 Modern Home Tour in Austin, Texas.


modern_kitchen_1 modern_kitchen_2



A kitchen this clean and modern shouldn’t overload the senses, so it’s important to not go overboard with color in a space like this.  Concrete sculpture above cabinets by Paul C. Oglesby.


The styling begins with fruits and vegetables in a collection of white vessels along the back counter, which is visually doubled by the sleek, mirrored backsplash.


A modern green vase and orchids give this contemporary kitchen just the little bit of color it needs.  Painting at left by Satch Grimley.



The rusty and unpolished patina of secondhand cake pans, pie pans and vintage wire bread baskets give a nod to the distressed concrete floor and help dull the shine of this pristine room.  They create a bubbly, polka-dot feeling and are great bang for your buck–a grouping like this costs around $25.

The results are simple and sophisticated!