Tracee Dore

HGTV’s Design Star Season 5, Episode 6: Trump’d!

All hail the returning Red Team designers who arrive Nina-less, to everyone’s complete delight.  “This is probably the best outcome of any elimination to date,” says a relieved Stacey Cohen.  “She’s gone.  Like, do you know what a relief that [...]

Design Star Season 4: Interview with Jason Champion!

“Hey, girl, hey!”  So begins every conversation with Jason Champion, the latest designer to get the boot from HGTV’s Design Star.  I have eagerly awaited this interview, because I got the distinct impression that he was the type of guy [...]

Design Star, Season 3 – Episode 4, a.k.a. Passport to Nowhere

The Design Star producers were at it again…this time the lying liars told the designers to head to the airport with their passports for some kind of “around the world” challenge. Let’s see a show of hands…who really thought the [...]

Design Star, Season 3 – Episode 3

This episode of Design Star finds us at Oak Lawn, the supposedly haunted historic former mansion of Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Ghostly shenanigans abound at convenient intervals to move the episode along--accessories flying off the walls, disappearing extension cords, [...]

Design Star, Season 3, Episode 2

PSYCHE! When we last left Design Star, the nine contestants were supposedly challenged with building their cast dwelling in seven days...but the producers were foolin'. Hook your finger in the side of your mouth and repeat after me: "Fished in! [...]

HGTV's Design Star, Season 3: Cast Critique

HGTV's Design Star will premier its new season on June 8th. Your design guru was curious, so I did a little research. Let the cast critique begin! 1. Trish Beaudet (Shelby Township, MI) Trish's over-the-top audition video clues me into [...]