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FBF: Interviews with Design Celebs

It occurred to me the other day that I've been fortunate to interview or speak with virtually every celebrity interior designer I admire and that it might be nice to collect all of those articles together in one place. This [...]

Giveaway: Indoor Plant Decor Book

Red Chair Market Designer Tag Sale vendor Jenny Peterson had a booth next to mine and this could not have made me happier. Jenny was promoting her new book, Indoor Plant Decor, and sold tiny succulents and air plants in [...]

Visual Inspiration Crawl

A couple of weeks ago, Melissa from Bolt Fabrics and I got together on her day off work, to casually stroll through stores that might be visually inspiring. We started off at the 24 Diner, opting to leave our cars [...]

Room Fu Featured in Austin Home Magazine’s Fall Issue

You might say this is a very special edition of Magazine Monday. If you take a look at the Fall 2013 issue of Austin Home Magazine, you'll find me/Room Fu featured not once, BUT TWICE! Twice is nice. I'm one [...]

Celebrity Interview: Young House Love

Bloggers extraordinaire John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love recently completed a successful book tour promoting their bestseller--aptly titled Young House Love. While they were still galavanting all over the country, they took time out to sit in the [...]

Fab Finds: Fredericksburg and Marfa

Of course my friend Karen and I stopped at Red in Fredericksburg on our way to Marfa last Friday. I mean, it was on the way. Saw some amazing things in there--no surprise--and also some very inventive accessories in the gift [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Colorize Books

1. Anyone can do it. Even the decor-challenged. 2. It costs nothing if you already have books. 3. It reduces visual clutter. 4. Rainbows are pretty. 5. Cortney Novogratz does it on the teevee and that makes it right. 6. [...]

Falling Down on the Blog Job

There's been a lot of dead air on this blog lately, and I do apologize for that. It is hard to juggle a blog and a design practice and the needs of an eight-year old--especially when that eight-year old's after [...]

Magazine Monday: Adore Home Magazine Apr/May 2013

Today's magazine-inspired ideas and Pins come from Australia's Adore Home Magazine. Their April/May 2013 issue has me dying to: Use boldly-patterned carpet: Designer Greg Natale in his ultra dramatic closet. Adore Home Magazine, April/May 2013. Tie a bow [...]

Magazine Monday: House Beautiful British Edition

Today I'm getting inspiration from the April issue of House Beautiful (British Edition). What I'm digging: This cute little settee upholstered in a bold print and paired with solid pillows--a little reminder that sometimes it pays to be a tad [...]