Urban World and IKEA Town??

Looks like home and lifestyle retailers are starting to expand into "mini-cities"--real estate developments that are sort of self-contained destinations. Urban Outfitters has announced such a plan for Devon, Pennsylvania, termed The Devon Yard. It turns out IKEA started their [...]

Spring Fever: Modern Outdoor Planters & Pots

We're capping off a week of spring fever posts with a lineup of supercool modern planters and pots: Succulent in Handmade Neon Concrete Planter via Etsy, $28. Betty the Styracosaurus Planter via Austin's Plaid Pigeon, $30. [...]

Spring Fever: New Modern Outdoor Furniture

Spring fever has hit in a big way, leaving me jonesing for extra cash to trick out my outdoor spaces. If you're in the market for new patio furniture, you're definitely in luck. Retailers have showered us with amazing and [...]

My Colorful Home Office

I have to say, I just adore my office. It is not the only room in the house that is totally me, but it's the only room I didn't have to take anyone else's opinion into consideration when creating the [...]

Claire’s Blog Roundup: November

Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick has pulled her favorite posts from the blogosphere for another monthly wrap-up! 1. At its origins, I fully intended on writing these “best of” monthly posts without repeating a particular blog – there are SO [...]

Guest Room Giveaway: After Photos!

We're so excited to share pictures of Guest Room Giveaway winner Neesha D.'s transformed guest bedroom! We are really excited about how this makeover turned out, due in large part to the amazing products and services donated by Austin businesses [...]

Two Comforters in One?

IKEA has several down comforter offerings that are just genius.  Noted as "1+3," they are lightweight and medium-weight comforters that are sold as pairs.  If you just need a little bit of coverage, you can use the lightweight comforter--rated a [...]

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Felonious Funk

I was a bit incredulous when I noticed this sticker slapped on every copy of the new IKEA catalog on display at the store recently.  Isn't the whole point of a catalog that it's something you look at while curled [...]

Cool For Cats

How many EKTORP sofas can 100 cats shred in one night? Just let me know when they're doing this in Round Rock and I'll check Larry in at Småland.

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Handy Dandy: Ikea

For two bucks (technically, under), you can solve a world of hurt when installing drawer pulls and cabinet knobs by picking up this handy little template at IKEA. Then you can use your nearby laser baby to do [...]

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