Emily Henderson

The New Year’s Resolutions of Your Fave Designers & Bloggers

Another new year is six days away, can you believe it? I'm actually looking forward to '13 because unlike most people, I consider thirteen to be my lucky number. I actually turned thirteen on Friday the 13th and lived to [...]

Claire’s Blog Roundup: November

Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick has pulled her favorite posts from the blogosphere for another monthly wrap-up! 1. At its origins, I fully intended on writing these “best of” monthly posts without repeating a particular blog – there are SO [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Jersey Shore B&B

Last night's episode of Design Star featured a few good ideas and a whole lot of suckage.  Take this room for instance, which judge Vern Yip referred to as "the best room I've seen in all six years of Design [...]

Design TV: Emily’s In, Nate’s Out

It's been an interesting week for design television... HGTV LOCKS IN SECRETS FROM A STYLIST Design Star Season 5 winner Emily Henderson's Secrets From a Stylist has been picked up for an unprecedented 26 episodes.  They are locking that lady [...]

Emily Henderson vs. David Bromstad

David Bromstad, I hope you've enjoyed the past few years as the Queen Bee of HGTV's Design Star. When you won that first season and launched Color Splash, your creativity and charisma cast a mighty shadow.  Not only has every [...]

Design Star Season 5 Winner Emily Henderson!

Despite declaring a much-needed day of rest today, recent Design Star winner Emily Henderson was kind enough to chat with me about her career-changing experience.  I was psyched to interview her--not because she won, and not because she validated my [...]

Design Star Sightings

Making appearances last night at Design Star Emily Henderson's Hollywood viewing party: Matt Locke (Season 3 runner-up), Casey Noble (Season 5), Lonni Paul (Season 4), and Nathan Galui (Season 4), who just moved to LA to start a [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 5 Finale: Emily Henderson FTW!

I know we got ourselves a brand-spankin' new Design Star last night--a finish that made me want to celebrate with champagne too--but y'all, all I can think about today is MY BABY'S IN KINDERGARTEN MY BABY'S IN KINDERGARTEN MY BABY'S [...]

Emily Henderson’s Design Star Finale Viewing Party

If you happen to be in LA next Sunday night, belly up to the bar with (hopefully) the next winner of HGTV's Design Star! Emily Henderson will be hosting a viewing party at: Agave Cantina and Tequila joint 1745 N. [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 5: Casey Noble Interview

It was a surprise to see Casey Noble get the boot this week from HGTV’s Design Star.  With her “bombshell” good looks, the producers seemed unwilling to give up on her potential for drawing male viewers. In the end, Vern [...]