You would never know this living room belonged to Austinite Joe Sigel, owner of the Art on 5th art gallery. A study in boring beige, the space didn’t reflect an iota of Sigel’s personality or his passion for art.


sigel_downstairsLR1 sigel_downstairsLR2


Room Fu’s design plan starts with new wood flooring and builds layers of color and texture from the ground up. Although the space is filled with saturated color, the focus is where it should be—on a stunning work by Cynthia Chartier.

Austin Vibrant Living Room Redesign

The vibrant red sofa and loveseat are a great combination of classic and modern, chic yet
low-maintenance microsuede.

Austin Vibrant Living Room Redesign

A combination of textures and patterns provides visual interest.

Austin Vibrant Living Room Details

On the other side of the room, a comfortable perch in super-soft corduroy and a dash of cheetah accentuates a contemporary piece by Mexican artist Agustin Cas.

Austin Vibrant Living Room Redesign

A rust-colored backdrop in built-in bookshelves prevent these areas from becoming afterthoughts.

Austin Vibrant Living Room Redesign

If you are interested in seeing more amazing art, visit Sigel’s gallery, Art on 5th.

Photographs by Suzy Q. Varin / Q Weddings. Originally featured in CRAVE Austin: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto.