Luca Paganico

Design Star 7: The Kardashians

Things I never expect to write about on my blog: 1. The Effing Kardashians 2. Intentional Use of 1970's-Style Arched Windows 3. How Much I Loathe an Austin Designer This week's episode of Design Star revolves around creating new office [...]

Design Star 7: White Room Challenge

The iconic White Room Challenge is the one episode Design Star fans all know is coming. Like Top Chef's Restaurant Wars, this is the ultimate challenge. Designtestants can practice for it, but they can never quite anticipate all of the [...]

Design Star 7: Premiere Episode

First of all, my apologies for not completing my cast critiques for all of the HGTV Design Star Season 7 finalists before the premiere episode aired. I just couldn't cram it all in, especially in this "gap week" between the [...]