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Video Interview with Design Star S4 Finalist Jason Champion

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In this video interview, my seemingly disembodied floating head chats with Design Star Season 4 Finalist and Showhouse Showdown Winner Jason Champion--the funnyman himself. We rehash his thoughts on last night's episode of Design Star All-Stars and which designer he [...]

Design Star 7: Skirts in Yurts

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Last week we watched a very dull episode of Design Star that ran aground of its full potential. Charged with incorporating assigned colors in meaningful ways, the designers had full reign to lavish eye candy upon us...but none of the [...]

Design Star 7: Cramped Kitchen Styling

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HGTV calls this week's episode of Design Star "The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge," but I beg to differ."Ultimate" implies a showcase experience with lavish details and luxurious, no-holds-barred features. The word "ultimate" immediately sets up the designers for failure. After all, [...]