Blogging Update

You might have noticed a crazy wide gap between the date of my last blog post and this one. What gives? Man, I dropped this blog like a hot potato. It was never my specific intention to stop blogging when [...]

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Giveaway Winner

Yesterday I asked you to leave a comment telling me how long you've managed to keep a houseplant alive to be entered to win a copy of Indoor Plant Decor, and winner was selected via random number generator this morning. You've [...]

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New York State of Mind

September 11 weighs heavy on all Americans. I imagine no one writes that date on a check (if you still write checks) or schedules a meeting on that date in their calendar without certain images and feelings coming to mind. [...]

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Marfa Minimalism

There are few styles more visually relaxing than minimalism, and no town on the planet does minimalism better than Marfa, Texas. My girl trip out there with BFF Karen last weekend didn't start out with a bang (thankfully) but after [...]

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Colorado Readers: Where Do You Shop?

Hello to all of you in beautiful Colorado! Since your brains haven't fried in the heat like ours here in Texas, I'm hoping you can help me out with some shopping suggestions. I will be coming out to the Boulder [...]

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Tornado Safe Rooms

I am a huge ninny where tornadoes are concerned. As a person who likes to be in control, the randomness of tornadoes freaks me out. When the weather service decided to be more forceful with their warnings last year, I [...]

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Happy 2013!

Wow, it's 2013--and not a moment too soon! A lot happened in 2012--some good stuff, some bad stuff. That's pretty typical, I guess. I was watching the documentary Happy on Netflix the other day (before Phoebe got bored and demanded [...]

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Half Mast

I've been in a fog since last Friday. You don't have to be a parent to be horrified by the killing of innocent children, but when several seven-year olds are gunned down in their sweet little elementary school and you [...]

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Now Writing For Home Made Simple!

I'm excited to announce that I'm now writing for the popular home decorating and organization website, Home Made Simple! Maybe you're familiar with their TV show on TLC? While it's a bit more craft-y than I normally get, I'm having [...]

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Design Star 7: Premiere Episode

First of all, my apologies for not completing my cast critiques for all of the HGTV Design Star Season 7 finalists before the premiere episode aired. I just couldn't cram it all in, especially in this "gap week" between the [...]