David Bromstad

Celebrity Interview: FORD Model Turned Interior Designer Ryan White

Happy New Year, everyone! I must say, that was a much more extended break than I had planned. It's just so hard to get back into the swing after the holidays...I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. For [...]

HGTV Star: Episode 1

Did you watch last night's premiere of HGTV Star, a.k.a. Design Star Remixed? Well I did, but only because the DVR remembered it was go-time. I'm feeling so ambivalent about it, I forgot it was even starting. A reader recently [...]

Design Star All-Stars

The All-Stars mini-season of Design Star premieres tonight, but you'd hardly know it. There's been a shocking lack of promotion for the show on HGTV, and it is smack-dab in the middle of the Olympics, so putting those [...]

Design Star Season 7 Finale

I'm down with the flu this week, falling asleep anytime I find myself on the couch longer than five minutes. Yesterday, I started to come to with the voice of David Bromstad in my ear. He was talking about Britany [...]

Design Star 7: Cramped Kitchen Styling

HGTV calls this week's episode of Design Star "The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge," but I beg to differ."Ultimate" implies a showcase experience with lavish details and luxurious, no-holds-barred features. The word "ultimate" immediately sets up the designers for failure. After all, [...]

Design Star 7: White Room Challenge, Take 2

Tuesday night's episode of Design Star features the seven remaining contestants designing square faux rooms. Wait a sec, didn't we do the White Room Challenge already? This time we're pretending to throw a party for Hollywood, to celebrate its 125th [...]

Design Star 7: Inside/Outside

This week on Design Star: Danielle defers, Miera's delusional, Britany ODs on chevron sauce, Stanley is manly, Kris is (gasp!) pleasant, Rachel is homesick, Mikel and Hilari just git their sh*t DONE, and apparently Wonder Bra is now [...]

David Bromstad Interview

I had a chance to chat with HGTV fave David Bromstad for Williams-Sonoma's Designer Marketplace--check out the in-depth interview on their site, and enjoy the following bonus Q&A with my complements! Since I’m from Texas, I’ve always been curious to [...]

White Room Challenge

Ugh. I want to like this show. I really, really want to like this show. But if you were one of the network execs and you were debuting a new show on television that doesn't depend on airing the episodes [...]

Interviews with Celebrity Designers!

It's been a LONG time since I've interviewed any of the famous folks in the design world, but now that Williams-Sonoma has asked me to start doing interviews for Designer Marketplace, I'll be doing a lot more of that going [...]